50 Cent Appears In '50 Cent Store' Vid

50 Cent makes a special appearance in a new comedic "50 Cent Store" commercial. The bit, filmed for Jimmy Kimmel Live, finds Fif hustling his own take of the "99 Cent Store" model. The MC encourages fans to stop by the shop, which is conveniently located right behind the club. "So come on by to the 50 Cent Store or you might get shot," said 50 in the video.

Kings Of Leon Take On Addiction With New Release

The newest release from Kings of Leon will take on the topic of addiction, according to a new interview with Q magazine. During a interview Caleb Followill revealed that he also drew inspiration from his wife Lily Aldridge. Speaking of the track "Find Me" he said, "She stayed in this hotel in Los Angeles.

Justin Timberlake Reveals Trolls Soundtrack Listing

Justin Timberlake has revealed the track listing to the forthcoming original soundtrack to Trolls. The singer served as the executive producer on the release and also contributed music to it. He shared the full track listing in a graphic for Instagram that showcased a cassette tape and an old style tape jacket.

Demi Lovato Sued By Sleigh Bells For Copyright Infringement

Indie rock group Sleigh Bells are suing pop star Demi Lovato for using a likeness in their song. Sleigh Bells allege that Lovato's song "Stars" uses the same combination of handclap and bass drum as their song "Infinity Guitars." In a comparison of the two songs, it is plausible to assume Lovato's "Stars" samples Sleigh Bells "Infinity Guitars."

Coldplay And James Corden Cover Prince

Coldplay connected recently with late night host James Corden for a cover of Prince's classic track "Nothing Compares 2 U." The duet took place at the Rose Bowl in Hollywood and found Corden admittedly a little nervous about the capacity crowd. "We're here at the Rose Bowl. I'll be honest, I didn't know how big it was when I said, 'yes,'" Corden quipped.

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