Ariana Grande Fan Arrested At Connecticut Show After Demanding To See Her

Ariana Grande's number one fan, Timothy Normandin, got into some trouble after trying to get in touch with her at a recent Connecticut gig. Normandin, according to TMZ, has repeatedly tried to catch Ariana's eye, sending her "various gifts, including a 42.5 pound pumpkin. He once showed up at her record company in a Santa suit."

Britney Spears And Giorgio Moroder's 'Tom's Diner' Cover Leaks

Britney Spears has offered up her cover of the Suzanne Vega hit "Tom's Diner," which appears on the new album from disco artist Giorgio Moroder. According to SPIN, the remake comes "in typical Britney fashion, they're breathy, heavily vocoded (not shade, just facts), and distinctly her."

Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom

Justin Bieber gave some fans the surprise of a lifetime when he crashed a high school prom on Saturday night. The "Baby" singer was on his way to a recording studio near Chatsworth Charter School in Southern California when he found out that the school's prom was underway. He then decided to crash the senior prom, at which he even danced with one female prom-goer.

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